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To maximise profits and make life that little bit easier for them, some Accountants have been known to try to put "square pegs into round holes", often to the disadvantage of their client. We prefer to offer a broad range of strategies which our clients can choose from. Even these are fine tuned to give maximum benefit.

Your financial accounts can be used as a tool for assessing your business as well as a tool for maximising tax relief. We also ensure, when we prepare accounts, that we are doing so in the most tax efficient and appropriate manner for your personal circumstances

Do you need Management Accounts?

In many cases, if you can judge the profitability of the business, then it is unlikely you need Interim Management Accounts.

However if business overheads are difficult to keep track of; or the business is going through a period of rapid expansion or specific areas of the business need monitoring, then periodic reviews can be carried out during the year and this is of course something that we can help you with.

When making tax digital (MTD) comes in next year, you will of course have quarterly accounts anyway (if you fall within the scope of MTD)

Do I need a book-keeper?

For most small businesses, you do not need a book-keeper, but for others, a book-keeper may be useful and we can work with them to ensure smooth operation. We can also, if required, assist with the book-keeping ourselves. Call Anil today on 020 8346 0391

Who can we help

  • Medical Profession (to include optometrists, doctors, consultants etc)

    We deal with a range of individuals from the medical and healthcare profession and so understand this complex profession. In addition to the other services that we provide, we can also assist in the following specialist areas:

    • Surgery Developments
    • Partnership changes, structure and agreements
    • Advice on the purchase of surgeries and consulting rooms.
    • VAT issues (where relevant)
  • I.T. Consultants/Graphic Designers

    In addition to our specialist services, we can also assist you with:

    • Strategic Planning
    • Tax Planning
    • Formation and Structuring
    • Expanding your business
    • Advice with book-keeping
  • Pharmacists

    We act for a number of pharmacists so in addition to our other services we can also assist you with VAT and tax planning.

  • Limited Companies

    Whether you are thinking of incorporating or you already have a limited company – we can help you. Limited companies can be tricky, especially when deciding if you will really save tax! In addition you have to be careful how you draw money out of the company in a tax efficient manner, not to mention the company obligations such as company returns, company accounts etc. Let us help you through your obligations to make your life easier!

Why not contact us today?

For more information on the above, please Contact Us or telephone on 020 8346 0391 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Even better, why not register your interest in a free, no obligation meeting to help you and us assess if we are a good match – it only takes a minute. Remember, whilst we are based in London, we service clients from all over the country.

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