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Frequently Asked Questions about our Dental Accountant service

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the first meeting free?

    Our first no obligation meeting is always free for up to one hour and this is so you can assess if we are the right firm for you and we can assess if we can help you. Thereafter, once you instruct, all meetings are included within our annual fee. It is important we spend as long as it takes with each other to make sure we fully understand your requirements and what we have to offer.

  • I feel bad telling my current accountant I no longer use him. How should I tell him?

    All accountants understand that they are only as good as they are only as good as the advice they are able to give you and sometimes they are just not able to support you, either because you have more specific needs or because they do not have the time or expertise. I guarantee you that no accountant wll get offended as we all understand that this is a business decision and nothing personal. A short email stating that you have decide to move your accountancy affairs to us due to a change in your circumstances is quite adequate

  • Should I call you or email me when I have questions? Do I have to pre-arrange a time to call you?

    Call or email – whatever you prefer! You can call whenever you have a question but if you think you will need a but more time or for any reason have been unable to get hold of us – pre-arranging a time works well.

  • What records do you use to prepare my accounts?

    This varies from business to business depending on your circumstances and we will go over this at the initial meeting so you are sure you know what to send us.

  • What about making tax digital (MTD)?

    This is due to come in in April 2020 and we ae currently trialling our new cloud based software that will enable us to help you be compliant!

  • I am not London based. Is this a problem?

    Not at all! We service clients who come from all over the country as well as more specifically London and the South-East.! Email and phone works perfectly and will not reduce the level of service you can expect from us.

Why not contact us today?

For more information on the above, please Contact Us or telephone on 020 8346 0391 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Even better, why not register your interest in a free, no obligation meeting to help you and us assess if we are a good match – it only takes a minute. Remember, whilst we are based in London, we service clients from all over the country.

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