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Company formation

Should You Incorporate

You have done it already (or how to make the best of it if you have already)

We often take on clients who have already incorporated and are sometimes surprised when they are not aware of tax planning points linked to this nor of their responsibilities when it comes to things like dividends. We will sit down with you and talk you through these and other issues to make sure you feel completely at ease with what you need to be doing and how (as well as why! There is nothing worse than being told you have to do something without being given a reason!).

We will prepare company accounts, fileted accounts, CT600s, annual returns etc as well as helping you to be tax efficient!

You are thinking of doing it

There is certainly a lot to think about and it can be very daunting. However, if the potential tax savings are there, it may well be worth it!

We can help you examine the potential tax savings and look at this on a holistic basis. There are a number of tax packages around which quantify potential tax savings but what we try to do is to look at the position over the life of your business, so you can get an overall view. We also look at the interaction of forming a limited company with other factors, such as, your personal financial position, pensions etc.

Once that is done, if you decide you want to incorporate, we will help guide you through it. There is a lot to think about and you will most likely need the help of a solicitor for some parts. There are also other things to think about like staff contracts (which will need to be in the name of the company), company bank accounts and a LOT more, but don’t worry – we will be on hand the whole time and guide you through what you need to be doing.

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