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Why use Specialist Dental Accountants

Why Choose Us

Looking for a new Accountant?

If you are looking for your first Accountant or thinking of changing, it can be quite a daunting task. To help, we have included, below, a list of just some of the things our clients tell us they like about us and our business. As always, please feel free to contact us and discuss them in a little more detail.

  • We are flexible, down to earth and experienced and really do believe we can offer a fantastic service for your business.
  • Apart for the obvious Accountant services, our senior partner, Mac, is also a Chartered Financial Planner, so can help you with all aspects of personal financial planning (under a separate service) such as pensions, investments, Wills, Inheritance tax planning etc.
  • Our clients constantly tell us how friendly and approachable we are, and how we are always willing to help.
  • We speak plain English and will promise not to blind you with Accountant jargon.
  • Clients feel we offer real value for money.
  • Clients feel comfortable approaching us and receiving good, sound advice. They feel at ease to pick up the phone and ask a question without feeling the need to say "Iā€™m sorry ā€“ this is probably a silly question". This could be from something simple like buying a car or equipment, to a life-changing decision like setting up a business! If it is important enough to you to ask about it, then it is definitely not a silly question!
  • We are very strong on Customer service and is something we are very proud of. Staff and internal customer facing processes are continually appraised, to make sure your requirements are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible and with a smile, of course.
  • Doing the paperwork can be stressful and time consuming for many small businesses. So if you wish, we can take all the book-keeping, payroll and other paperwork off of you as well as the normal annual accounts and tax work
  • Changing your Accountant or Tax Advisor is much simpler than you may think, so why not use us to handle it for you.
  • If we give you a timescale, we will aim to meet it every time.

Why not contact us today?

For more information on the above, please Contact Us or telephone on 020 8346 0391 and we will be glad to answer all of your questions. Even better, why not register your interest in a free, no obligation meeting to help you and us assess if we are a good match ā€“ it only takes a minute. Remember, whilst we are based in London, we service clients from all over the country.

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